The Green Shipping Project

Advancing knowledge and understanding towards the progressive governance of sustainable maritime transport.


About the Project

The UBC Centre for Transportation Studies together with 18 university partners and 19 non-academic industry and government partners lead an international maritime research network on governing environmental improvements in the maritime supply chain. The project is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and includes economists, business management scholars and political scientists.

While there is well-developed technical literature on ship design and the economics of efficient operation, sea transport is relatively under-­‐investigated in the business management, political economy and global governance literatures. There is consequently a major gap when it comes to understanding the implications of the accelerating “green shipping” trend, which calls for greater environmental accountability and reduction of the air, land and water impacts of the sector along the maritime supply chain.

The Green Shipping research network aims to address this knowledge gap. The overall goal is to advance knowledge and understanding towards the progressive governance of sustainable maritime transport.

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Recent Activity

Identifying the appropriate governance model for green port management: Applying analytic network process and best-worst methods to ports in the Indian Ocean Rim

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Mapping the supply chain of ship recycling

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The role of port development companies in transitioning the port business ecosystem: The case of Port of Amsterdam’s circular economy activities

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Energy efficiency feterminants in the container shipping industry

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Restructuring tax incentives for onshore power supply in Germany – A case study on ferries

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Upcoming Events

Maritime & Ports: Key Developments and Challenges
University of Antwerp

May 5-7, 2021 / Antwerp, Belgium

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Recent News

An innovative global green shipping research-partnering project

Green Shipping partners Dr. David Gillen (University of British Columbia), Dr. Peter Hall (Simon Fraser University), Dr. Michele Acciaro (Kuhne Logistics University) and Dr. Henrik Sornn-Friese (Copenhagen Business School) speak…

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A new hope of environmentally friendly world-wide shipping

Professors Dr. David Gillen (UBC Sauder School of Business) and Dr. Henrik Sornn-Friese (Copenhagen Business School) speak about the Green Shipping Project’s role in supplementing the breadth of technical shipping…

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Sauder profs to lead international research network on eco-friendly shipping

Sauder School of Business professors Dr. Jane Lister and Dr. David Gillen speak with the Ubyssey about the Green Shipping Project’s goals to create a deeper connection between academic and…

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