Environmental differentiated port pricing: The case of the Hamburg-Le Havre range


Geerts, M., Langenus, M., & Dooms, M. (2017) Environmental Differentiated Port Pricing: The Case of the Hamburg-Le Havre Range. 44.4. (2017): 517-544.

The goal of this paper is to investigate how port authorities respond towards the challenge of greening the shipping industry, particularly the motives and rationale behind the setup of pricing schemes and institutional arrangements with the Hamburg-Le Havre range as a case study. Additionally, the paper examines how environmental charging schemes may be used to internalize the external costs related to hinterland transport. This research concludes that although the underlying applied incentive scheme is the same between all ports investigated, the practical  implementation of said scheme is hardly straightforward and substantial differences exist regarding many aspects linked to decision-making and implementation.

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