Reducing emissions in international trade: A supply chain perspective

Laingo Randrianarisoa and David Gillen. “Reducing Emissions in International Trade: A Supply Chain Perspective.” Paper presented at International Business, Economic Geography and Innovation (i-Begin) conference, Copenhagen, Denmark, June 23 2009 and American Economic Association Meetings –Transportation and Public Utilities Group, San Diego (CA), USA.

This study explores a new approach for reducing sulphur emissions in international trade by looking to incentivize the usage of larger vessels that are more efficient than smaller vessels in terms of sulphur emissions per mass. The evidence from this study suggests that investments in both the upstream and downstream of shipping activity may lead to sufficient economic growth that increases with vessel size. This research has important implications for policy makers and shipping stakeholders as it outlines how well placed investments in supply chain growth can provide positive environmental impacts in the shipping sector.

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