Harbour Divestiture in Canada: Implications of Changing Governance


  • Tony Walker
  • Megan Bernier
    Brenden Blotnicky
    Peter Golden
    Emma Hoffman
    Jeffrey Janes
    Allison Kader
    Rachel Kovacs-Da Costa
    Shauna Pettipas
    Sarah Vermeulen

Tony Walker, Megan Bernier, Brenden Blotnicky, Peter Golden, Emma Hoffman, Jeffrey Janes, Allsion Kader, Rachel Kovacs-Da Costa, Shauna Pettipas and Sarah Vermeulen. “Harbour Divestiture in Canada: Implications of Changing Governance.” Marine Policy. 62. (2015): 1-8.

This paper examines the federal government of Canada’s harbour divestiture policy, ranging from the divestiture of large port facilities to smaller fishing and recreational harbours. Consideration is given to policy issues related to harbour divestiture to third party provincial, municipal or private owners, which may lack technical and financial resources to manage environmental liabilities. Future policy directions for federal harbour divestiture mechanisms are also given consideration at the end of the paper.

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