Environmental effects of marine transportation


  • Tony Walker
  • Olubukola Adebambo
    Monica Del Aguila Feijoo
    Elias Elhaimer
    Tahazzud Hossain
    Stuart Johnston Edwards
    Courtney Morrison
    Jessica Romo
    Nameeta Sharma
    Stephanie Taylor
    Sanam Zomorodi

Walker, T.R., Adebambo, O., Del Aguila Feijoo, M.C., Elhaimer, E., Hossain, T., Johnston Edwards, S., Morrison, C.E., Romo, J., Sharma, N., Taylor, S., Zomorodi, S. (2019) “Environmental effects of marine transportation.” In: Word Seas: An Environmental Evaluation, Vol III: Ecological Issues and Environmental Impacts. (Ed.) (pp. 505-530). Academic Press. Charles Sheppard, Elsevier.


This chapter aims to describe the main environmental effects of marine transportation while also documenting what mitigative measures, legislative tools, and environmental performance indicator frameworks are available to address these global issues. The research indicates that mandatory compliance with IMO regulation, greater environmental awareness amongst the shipping personnel, and further green incentives remain necessary.

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