Blue Economy for Sustainable Future


  • Tony Walker
  • Diva Amon
    Anna Metaxas
    Grant Stentiford
    Ximena Escovar-Fadul
    Zoie Diana
    Flora Karathanasi
    Michelle Voyer
    Lenaïg Hemery

Diva Amon, Anna Metaxas, Grant Stentiford, Ximena Escobar-Fadul, Tony R. Walker, Zoie Diana, Flora Karathanasi, Michelle Boyer and Lenaig Hemery. “Blue Economy for a Sustainable Future.” One Earth. 5. (2022): 960-963.

Oceans are expected to become the next great economic frontier, with enormous potential and development across multiple sectors. This paper highlights the current opportunities to create a sustainable, resilient, and inclusive ‘blue economy’.

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