Benthic marine debris in the Bay of Fundy, Eastern Canada: Spatial distribution and categorization using seafloor video footage


  • Tony Walker
  • Alexa J. Goodman
    Craig J. Brown
    Brittany R. Wilson
    Vicki Gazzola
    Jessica A. Sameoto

Alexa J. Goodman, Tony R. Walker, Craig J. Brown, Brittany R. Wilson, Vicki Gazzola and Jessica A. Sameoto. “Benthic Marine Debris in the Bay of Fundy, Eastern Canada.” Marine Pollution Bulletin. 150. (2020): 110722.

This paper provides insight into the state of plastics and debris pollution in the Bay of Fundy. The study finds that future marine debris removal programs are unlikely to be successful due to the highly dynamic nature of the marine environment. Future problem-solving initiatives would be better off creating better policies and enforcement mechanisms for eliminating single-use plastic items and to improve education among fishers to reduce illegal dumping of fishing gear and waste.

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