Mary Brooks

Dalhousie University

Dr. Mary Brooks is a professor at Dalhousie Univeristy. Her research and consulting work focuses on transportation and global supply chain management,  particularly the relationships between the buyers and sellers of transportation services. With a keen interest in how to make Canadian supply chains better, and enthusiasm for the world of shipping and ports, Dr. Brooks founded the Port Performance Research Network in 2001 to examine how to make ports more effective in adding value to their users’ supply chains through governance reform and benchmarking. That network has gone viral, with 60 scholars around the globe. Since 2003, she has also have had an active research program in the area of short sea shipping, based on the belief that we need to move as much cargo by sea as possible in order to do our part to mitigate climate change impacts from goods movement. Encouraging modal switching and convincing ports to care about creating value for customers have become Dr. Brooks wicked challenges.

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Ports modernization: Balancing economic prosperity and environmental sustainability

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Comparison of Green Marine to other port certification programs around the world to achieve global standardization
Project Cluster: Green Port Governance,

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